Project Management Consulting and Training

We offer a customizable series of project management training programs to supoort organizations in creating a sustainable competitive advantage. Our training utilizes internationally recognized best practices based upon real-world project experience and can be delivered as instructor-led, on-demand and virtually. We also provide project management consultants, to coach and mentor your project managers in managing and completing projects, on time and on budget.

6 Core Project Management Trainings

  1. Successful Techniques in Project Management
  2. Initiating Projects Effectively
  3. Managing Communications
  4. Estimating and Managing Time and Cost
  5. Leading Teams
  6. Microsoft Project® Fundamentals

Agile and Hybrid Courses

We also have a full catalog of Agile courses, and we can provide a fully customized "hybrid" training to meet the specific needs of your project and organization.

We have local instructors and consultants in:

  • Boston
  • San Diego
  • Honolulu

Please contact us for more information.

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