CAPe's Agile Coaching and Consulting Services

Our Goal

Deliver lasting change within organizations that focuses on delivering value for customers and shareholders.

Our coaches and consultants provide value in the following areas:

  • at the organization level, to drive strategic change across the organization and ensure that adoption of Agile techniques is embedded from the most senior levels of the organization
  • at the portfolio or program level, to help organizations to establish the right processes for managing a portfolio of work in an Agile way
  • at the team level, working with teams to ensure that delivery teams are adopting Agile and performing effectively
  • or across all levels to ensure that organizations adopt a pragmatic approach to the way in which they govern delivery and continuous improvement of product and services

Our Approach

  • Embed an Agile culture using techniques from a wide range of Agile and lean methodologies and frameworks, but be methodology agnostic
  • Help to create an open and trust-based environment, which enables a focus on delivery and facilitates continuous improvement
  • Assess the culture of a team or organization and delivery processes in place to identify improvements and facilitate these improvements with the right type of support
  • Showcase relevant tools and techniques such as coaching, advising, workshops, and mentoring
  • Engage with stakeholders at all levels of the organization
  • Develop clear lines of escalation, in agreement with senior managers
  • Ensure any stakeholder can easily find out an accurate and current project or program status, without disruption to delivery
  • Work effectively with suppliers
  • Apply best tools and techniques to: team roles, behaviors, structure and culture, Agile ceremonies and practices, knowledge transfer and sharing, program management, cross-team coordination, and overall governance
  • Ensure key metrics and requirements that support the team and delivery are well defined and maintained
  • Equip staff with the ability to coach others


If you are interested in our approach to Agile consulting, please contact us today for a free introductory consultation.


One of our clients called us the #wolfpack and the name seems to have stuck. We believe it is because we are focused, tenacious, and driven to help you succeed.