Fun With Scrum!

The following are some free games to play with your Scrum team. They are taken from our Scrum Master Certification course and our Product Owner and User Story Training course.

The games are free to use. You can either play them from your browser or download them to your desktop.

Use them as an ice breaker, part of a team kick-off or a fun way to generate conversation in a Retrospective.

The first one is The Scrum Jeopardy game played to the rules of TV Show, Jeopardy®

The second one is Who Wants to be an Agile Millionaire game played to the rules of TV Show, Who Wants to be a Millionaire?®

My Favorite Agile Ice Breaker:

I use this ice breaker the first day of almost every training and I refer to the activity throughout the course.

After the marshmallow challenge, ask the team what Agile concepts they applied. Some of the answers you could expect or prompt for to set the tone the “Agile” frame of mind:

  • Self-organizing teams
  • Lightweight Requirements
  • Verbal Requirements and Feedback
  • Early Testing
  • 0/100% done - not credit for partial complete
  • Prototyping
  • Time-boxing
  • Business value driven development
  • Small Teams

Discuss if participants felt any anxiety and why? Tie their anxiety back to project management, e.g., there were no requirements for teams. If participants enter the room after the Marshmallow Challenge was started, ask them how it felt to come into the “project” after it was started?

If you are interested, there are many more Agile game resources here:

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