Become an Agile Trainer - License our Courses

Are you an experienced Agilist and want to become a trainer but don't have either the time or expertise to create the materials? Have you been through our training and now want to train your team members? Consider licensing out courses:

Included in our course licensing cost:

  • Secure access to a web page to download soft copies of all Powerpoint slides and exercises
  • Professionally printed participant guides and exercises are available from Amazon:
  • 50% discounted access to practice exams and CAPe® certifications.
  • 2 coaching or feedbacks sessions up to one hour with a certified trainer.

We have the following courses available for licensing:


# daysBranded License (USD)*Unrestricted Use License (USD)*

Optional Practice Exam Fee Costs (50% bulk discount)

Agile Project Management with Scrum2$8000$16000$15.00/pp
Scrum Training for Teams1$5000$10000$15.00/pp
Scrum Master Certification 2$8000$16000$15.00/pp
Product Owner and User Story 2$8000$16000$15.00/pp
All About Agile: (PMI-ACP) Prep312000$20000$15.00/pp
Advanced Scrum Master and Agile Coaching 1$6000$12000n/a
Kanban for Software Development Teams2$8000$16000n/a
Agile for Executives½-1$6000$12000n/a
Scrum Developer Certification Training 3$15000$22000$15.00/pp
Agile Testing Strategies1$6000$12000n/a
Branded License |  The copyright and logo are embedded in the content as shown in the book. You would have access to any updates that occur to the Amazon version for one year.
Unrestricted Use License |  These are the fully customizable slides that will have the logo and our copyright information removed. This would allow you to use or resell with your own logo.
*Does not include cost of participant guide PDF. If you would like to purchase the PDF so that you can print them yourself, the cost is $200 for a one-day course, $350 for a two day course or $500 for a three day course.

If you are interested in licensing any of these curriculums, please contact us.