My Agile Consulting Manifesto.

While delivering successful software development projects for over 20 years and seeing the profession that I am so passionate about become damaged by misinformation, framework saturation and a complete loss of credibility, I have come to value:

Consulting over coaching
Experience over frameworks
Long-term value over short term gains
Team member empowerment over leadership status quo
Integrity and values over hourly rates

That is, while there is some value in the items on the right, I respect those who value the items on the left more.


I am an Agile consultant, not an Agile coach. As an Agile consultant:

  • I will share in the responsibility for product delivery.
  • I will make recommendations based upon my experience regardless of what is written in a book, framework or blog.
  • I will lose sleep thinking of ways to help my client be successful.
  • I will role model effective leadership and communication.
  • I will care passionately about each and every individual team member's development.
  • I will choose integrity and values over a paycheck EVERY SINGLE DAY.

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 About the Author: Dan Tousignant

Dan has been leading software development projects for 20 years. He was first formally introduced to Agile via a Scrum Implementation in 2000 and has since adopted the Agile Manifesto values and principles when leading software development projects.

Dan holds a BS in Industrial Engineering from UMASS, Amherst and is a Professional Scrum Master, Certified Product Owner, PMI Agile Certified Practitioner and Certified Scrum Professional.

Dan Tousignant, PMP, CSP, PMI-ACP, SPC

President Cape Project Management, Inc.


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