Hello Agile Adventurer:

My son Zach and I hiking in Maine.

As an avid hiker, I tend to focus on the journey not so much the destination. The same is true with Agile. All of you are in a different place on your Agile journey. Some of you are well into your Agile implementation while others of you are still getting started. I would like to offer you some tips and tools for your journey:

Where are you today? Assess your Agile Maturity: I have a free Agile assessment to help you see where you are. It includes 60 yes/no type questions that are weighted to give you an overall maturity score. In an effort to continuously improve, you should try to perform self-assessments at least once per year: https://www.capeprojectmanagement.com/agile-self-assessment/

If you would like an assessment of your whole team or company, contact me about my group assessment and full-day retrospective: https://www.capeprojectmanagement.com/advanced-agile-review-and-assessment/

Tools to help you on your journey:

  1. Be prepared! Take a refresher training or get new team members up to speed quickly: All of my core Agile courses are available in self-study narrated slide-based courses with module tests: https://capeprojectmanagement.learnupon.com/store
  2. Learn and share your experiences: Read my Practical Agile Blog. Provide your own comments or insights. If you have an article you want to share, I would be happy to post in on my blog as well: https://www.capeprojectmanagement.com/blog/
  3. Refine your skills, get certified: Though I am a firm believer that certification alone is not a measure of skill, it does show a commitment to improvement. I provide practice exams and online training for all the “open source” certifications, e.g. those that don’t require a specific licensed course or franchisee trainer. https://www.capeprojectmanagement.com/agile-exams/ Also, if you didn’t know the PMI-ACP exam is changing again on March 26, so if you have been studying, make sure you take it soon!
  4. Lastly, on a separate note, some of you are using Agile to start a new business or you are starting all over. For the last couple of years, in addition to coaching organizations, I have been providing personal coaching. This, along with my website hosting services, have been been fulfilling work because I am able to help individuals achieve their dreams and aspirations. Let me know if you would like some help to reach your destination.

Again, treat Agile as a journey. There is so much to experience along the way and so many opportunities for success. Good luck in your achieving all of your goals in 2018!







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