User Story Training Pre-class Survey

Thank you for participating in the following 12 question survey to prepare for the upcoming User Story training. If your answer is "Always" or "Most of the time", please select "I agree" otherwise select "I disagree". This survey is anonymous, we do not capture any personal information. We will review the summary of the results at the beginning of the training.

Company Name

There is a product vision and roadmap that is regularly communicated to the team by the Product Owner.


There is a product backlog with at least 3 Sprints worth of requirements ready for refinement.


The product backlog items are ordered (based on value, technical dependencies, size estimates, cost of delay, etc.)


The product backlog items are clearly expressed and more detailed towards the top.


Prior to development we capture the acceptance criteria for each User Story.


User Stories do not take longer than 1 Sprint to complete.


There is a clear definition of when a User Story is ready for development.


We have regular backlog refinement meetings.


The Product Owner is available to meet with the development team even on daily basis, when needed, to clarify the requirements, improve their design, and to optimize the user value and sprint’s outcome.


Any team member can answer to questions about how each product backlog item will generate value for the customer or end user.


There is only one Product Owner who chooses the product backlog items and refines them with the development team.


The Product Owner is empowered to make decisions about the product backlog.