Results Driven Personal Coaching Services

Are you looking for support in making your dreams come true?

Do you have a vision of your future, but don’t know how to get there?

Are you having trouble crafting your vision?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then I can help you.

I have been providing professional and personal coaching for over 15 years. My joy is simplifying people’s lives (including my own) and helping people live the life they are wanting.

If you are interested in learning more, schedule a 30 minute consultation to see if we are the right fit. If you schedule future consultations with me, I will credit the cost of the this introductory appointment. All of our coaching will be online and/or on the phone. The use a webcam is up to you.

Many coaches offer the first session for free. My experience tells me that if you are not willing to commit to an appointment with a fee, then you are not ready for my services.

Current Client Examples:

  • An entrepreneur/consultant who was spending most of his time delivering services to his clients, versus managing the growth and future of his company. We focused on an exit strategy from his existing client that included a specific plan for what he would do once he was no longer billable.
  • A massage therapist that wants to open her own own healing Spa. She has a tremendous number of ideas, but needs help focusing on first things first. Our initial goal is to prioritize what products and services she wants to offer and determine a low-cost approach to test her location and product offering.
  • A hiking tour guide in Europe. She has worked for tour companies in the past and realizes she did all the work from finding the hikes, soliciting the clients, etc. Now she wants to do this on her own. Her challenge is different. We have to first focus on if this is what she wants to do for the foreseeable future.

Schedule an Appointment

Email me at to make an appointment. Please give me some times you are available. Please assume I am available between 9:00 am and 7:00 pm Pacific Time

First session: 30 minutes for $50.00 USD (this $50 will be credited to your first full hour session if you proceed)

Additional Sessions: 1 hour for $100.00 USD

To confirm the appointment, I will send you and electronic invoice via PayPal which can be paid via credit card.

Note: All credit cards charges will reflect Cape Project Management, Inc. I am Massachusetts corporation with offices in Boston and Honolulu. All Coaching services will be provided via Adobe Connect with access to screen sharing, audio and visual interaction.

Already have a vision and just need help with setting up a website and email? Check out my hosting services.