Training Evaluation Summary N=680

1=Poor, 2=Fair, 3=Good, 4=Excellent
Did your trainer have a thorough grasp of the subject?4
Did your trainer actively invite questions?3.6
Did your trainer answer the question posed?3.6
Was your trainer prepared for class?3.9
Did your trainer have a professional demeanor?4
How would you rate the overall skills of the trainer?3.9
Did this class meet your expectations?3.9
Was the level of instruction appropriate?4
Was the length appropriate?3.7
Did the class begin on time?3.8
Was all of the equipment working properly?4
How would you rate the manuals?3.7
Was the training facility adequate?3.7
What is your overall level of satisfaction with this training?3.9
Average (Number of Respondents= 680)3.8

Sampling Of Written Feedback:

Very interactive and enjoyable. We had many questions so the format was perfect for this as it allowed us to speak freely

Daniel was professional, knowledgeable and helpful. Very informative and I enjoyed the two-day training class.

The story map was a new concept I learned from the class. Will be a valuable takeaway. I feel our development teams would also enjoy this training.

Very helpful and I have a few useful tools I have never used that I can now take back with me. The class also refreshed many of the ideas I have learned over the last year.

I really enjoyed the group exercises during the course. I believed I learned the most out of these exercises. Dan was a great trainer!

Great class, I look forward to taking the test.

Class met my expectations with respect to content. Would highly suggest this class to others as we roll more Agile teams out in ........

Dan has a great demeanor for teaching the subject matter. He did a great job intertwining real life experiences with the Product Owner topics."

Really informative! Thank you! I have multiple takeaways to bring back to my Agile team that we can do differently and/or better

Feedback from others in class on how they handle scenarios was very helpful.